MACH Sherwood’s Meghan In Motion, RAE3, AXP, AJP



U-CDX, U-CH, SKC, INT CH Sherwood’s Milesian, UDX, RAE2, MX, AXJ, AXP, AJP


U-CH Liotto’s Sherwood Paisley


DOB:  5/28/02

     The name says it all!!!  The most boisterous pup in the litter; the first one to climb out of the whelping box; high energy level; incredible prey drive and attention; all convinced me that she would be Sherwood Boxers’ next Performance star!  While her sister, Kylie inherited their dam’s sweet cuddly personality, Meghan inherited her sire’s intelligence and grand-dam Ryan’s energy and intensity.   She loves to work and has shown a natural affinity for Agility.  She has earned all her titles in 2 year’s time and we are now working her MACH!


 She also excels in the sport of Rally and generally scores 98-100. 



Father/Daughter team!  Miles winning 1st place and HIT and Meghan winning 2nd place in Rally Novice B on 1/9/05 to finish their RN titles under judge J./P. Lynch


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Meghan won first place in both Rally Excellent B and Advanced B with scores of 99 and 100 under j. Carol Mett at Mobile Bay DTC obedience trial on 9/13/08.

Tristan won second place in Rally Excellent A with a 90.

Living up to her name:  Meghan In Motion!!!  Doing what she loves best, running and jumping in Agility!

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Meghan finished her Master Agility Championship title on February 22, 2009!!!  She is the 12th Boxer ever to complete this title!!