OFA:  BX-2149G26M          Holtered yearly

DOB:  12/11/97


     I bred My Ch/UD bitch, “Ryan” to Wendy Mayhall’s wonderful Ch/CD “Gizzie” in hopes of getting  a puppy with beauty and working ability plus both parents’ great temperments.  Who could have guessed what this combination would produce!

     He was my pick the day he was born.  At just 5 weeks of age I put a lead on him and we went for a walk.  He kept pace right beside me, never balking or pulling as most puppies do and looking up at me the whole time!  I thought, “This is going to be my next great Obedience dog!”  He did not disappoint!

  People always ask  me, “What does his name mean?”  As usual I stuck with  my Irish theme when naming him.  The Milesians (pronounced mil-E-shun) were the first group of people to inhabit Ireland and Scotland and were the originators of the Gaelic language.

    Miles’ personality is Happy-Go-Lucky, always the clown, but put his collar on and he is all business and attention.  We showed in AKC conformation and he won the 1999 ABC award for most Bred-By-Exhibitor Dog class wins but those were the days when “plain” was not in, so we went to States KC and United KC where he finished his championships easily with several BOB wins. 


***Miles had the honor of winning the 2005 Top Performance Boxer Of The Year award from the American Boxer Club!!!***



Miles shows in Conformation, Obedience, Agility and Rally and is titled in all areas.  His list of accomplishments can be seen below:

Miles’ accomplishments


10/22/00  -  Completed his CD, 6 Novice B class wins, 2 seconds, all scores in 190s.

3/10/01    -  Completed SKC & INT Championships with BOB and Group 1st.

4/22/01    -  Completed his CDX.  8 Open A trials, No NQs, 7 class wins and 1 second.

3/30/02    -  Completed his UD.  Only shown in Utility A 7 times, he qualified 4 times.

7/13/02    -  Completed his UKC Championship with BOB win.

5/25/03    -  Completed his UDX in record time.  Only 1 year and 1 day between his 

                     1st and 10th legs.  He was the 9th Boxer (2nd male) in history to earn this title!

1/10/04    -  Completed his UKC CD.

5/15/04    -  Completed his NA.

6/24/04    -  Completed his NAJ.

6/25/04    -  Completed his OA.

10/10/04  -  Completed his OAJ.

10/17/04  -  Completed his UKC CDX with an All-Breed HIT.

1/7/05      -  Completed his AXJ.

1/9/05      -  Completed his RN.

1/20/05    -  Completed his AX.

11/27/05  -  Completed his MX.

4/8/06      -  Completed his RA.

5/7/06      -  Completed his RE.

9/30/06    -  Completed BOTH his NAP & NJP titles.

12/3/06    -  Completed his OJP title.

1/5/07      -  Completed his RAE title.

1/13/07    -  Completed OAP.

2/4/07      -  Completed BOTH AXP & AJP titles.   

3/2/08      -  Completed his RAE2 title.


 And we aren’t finished yet!!!  At  10 years old Miles is now retired from Agility but still competing in Rally!  


Miles’s daughter, MACH Sherwood’s Meghan In Motion, RAE3, MXP2, MJP2, is tearing up the Rally and Agility rings!  She can be seen on her own page.


Some of Miles’ show and obedience pictures can be seen by following the links below. 


Sadly, after a 10 month battle with heart cancer, Miles let me know it was time to go on December 16, 2008; 5 days after his 11th birthday.  There are no words to express the grief I feel.  He was truly one of the greatest Boxers in the performance sports, completing 27 titles in his lifetime.  But more than that he was my absolute best friend.  He did everything I ever asked of him with a smile on his face and a joyful heart.  He was a once in a lifetime dog, never to be equaled.  Rest in peace, my man, and God-willing, we will meet again some day, for Heaven would not be a happy place if you are not there.




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